WebCocon 4J

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maximal # of 4J HMBC correlations: (-1 allows all HMBC correlation to be 4J)
use 1 sphere 13C hosecodes: no yes
exclusion of cyclopropenoids: no yes
exclusion of cyclobutadienoids: no yes
peroxides excluded: no yes
non-adeq interpretation: no yes
non-cosy interpretation: no on for H-C-C-H on for H-X-X-H
connectivity information to be used: COSY 13C-HMBC 1,1-ADEQUATE 15N-HMBC Fixed bonds Forbidden bonds

atomatomic ## of H13C shiftatom typesCOSY to13C-HMBC to1,1-Adequate to15N-HMBC tofixed bonds tono bonds to

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